Lots of exciting developments

by bself on August 27, 2013

In the two years since we announced the Bread Box, we’ve had some exciting developments.  In fact, at this point, pretty much all of the 90,000 sq foot warehouse has been spoken for!

See our updated map below, and you can learn more about the members of our community here.



Announcing the Bread Box

by bself on September 5, 2011

The current Bread Box concept

Today, we’re excited to announce The Bread Box, a mixed-use project for the Northside of Lexington.

The Bread Box, which is located in the old Rainbo bread factory on the corner of 6th and Jefferson will house a variety of  of companies and community organizations that share its commitment to the community, our environment, and the neighborhood in which it sits.

Four organizations have already committed to moving into the space:

  • West Sixth Brewing Company will be a community-focused craft brewery founded by the owners of the Bread Box.
  • The Broke Spoke Community Bike Shop (a non-profit whose mission is “to provide better access to better bicycles for all people and to empower individuals to perform their own bicycle maintenance.”)
  • Cricket Press, a locally-owned and operated printing press business that is “geared towards designing and hand printing silk-screened posters for music events, art shows, propaganda, and basically anything you’d want to make a poster for.”
  • FoodChain, a new non-profit focused on demonstrating and educating Lexingtonians on urban indoor agricultural food production and processing will operate a vertical farm to grow fresh greens and Tilapia fish in the Bread Box.
Interested in locating your organization at the Bread Box?  Please get in touch.